Pokémon Switch: 10 Ways To Make The Best Pokémon Game Ever

One game to rule 'em all.

Like a Butterfree shedding its cramped cocoon, Game Freak's iconic franchise has, after more than two decades of gradual evolution, outgrown its current shell; Pokémon's found a new home, one that'll push the boundaries of what we thought was possible in the eternal quest to Catch 'Em All.

Even following the most tentative of release dates, Pokémon's maiden voyage on Switch won't arrive until the latter half of 2018 at the earliest, leaving Game Freak with more than enough time to take some of the series' more aged and archaic systems back to the drawing board for a touch-up. But which parts of the whole should take precedence?

The world as we know it will, of course, be built from the ground up for the hardware jump, so there's no need to make it an item on the wishlist, but what about the niggles and more formulaic elements that have received little attention since the Gen 1 days?

Multiple saves, Pokémon roaming in the overworld and vastly expanded multiplayer options represent a smart jumping off point for the potential renovations, but there's a whole lot more Game Freak can do to ensure this new beginning truly shines as the best of the bunch.

All 802 Pokémon crammed into one cartridge? Why that'll do nicely.