Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review: 5 Ups & 5 Downs

Probably not the sequel you're looking for.


EA's anxiously-anticipated Star Wars Battlefront 2 has finally arrived, and unless you've been living under a rock the last few days, you'll no doubt be aware that the game has come under immense scrutiny for its microtransaction and loot box systems, and rightly so.

At present, Battlefront 2 has the exact same critical score as its predecessor, a disappointing result considering how aggressively EA promised fans that the sequel would be an apology for everything the original got wrong.

Instead, the new game is an incredibly mixed bag indeed, a frequently gorgeous and intermittently fun but poorly-conceived mess, full of elements designed to frustrate players and even put them off entirely.

In light of all the launch controversy, nobody could blame you for giving the game a miss completely, especially with how many quality games are available on all platforms right now, but if you do decide to give Battlefront 2 a go, you absolutely must be aware of the game's severe drawbacks...