WWE 2K18: 20 WTF Glitches You Won't Believe

Fire the QA testers (if they even exist).

2K Sports

WWE 2K18 has been in players' hands for other a month now, and so it's probably fair to call the game an incredibly mixed bag on the whole.

Though the visuals are surprisingly good at times for the standards of the franchise, it's still saddled with most of the usual issues, namely an absurd abundance of glitches that makes it clear there was little-to-no quality assurance testing carried out on the game.

On the other hand, more cynical fans assume that the WWE 2K games are intentionally released in a janky state in order to profit off the huge social media exposure all the GIFs and videos grant them. Either way, it's clear that, at this point, the ridiculous bugs are basically a feature fans expect and maybe even love.

From absurd physics-based screw-ups to integral gameplay mechanics randomly breaking for no reason, WWE 2K18 is the gift that keeps on giving where sheer mind-boggling hilarity is concerned. It can be annoying if it kills your match while you're playing, but witnessing the insanity other players have suffered through? Priceless...

20. A...Double Elimination Chamber?

Let's kick things off with a doozy. This Elimination Chamber match went totally off the reservation when the chamber decided to change its formation, appearing to create a second chamber within the first one, even randomly rotating the door around for additional creepiness, while other parts of the first chamber disappeared entirely.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the chamber somehow managed to even claim a chunk of someone's hair. The real Elimination Chamber wishes it was this disturbing...