12 Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove The Illuminati Is Real

Pyramids, pyramids everywhere!

For the more level-headed, reasonable folk among us the idea of a nefarious, covert group secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes of all the world’s events might seem far-fetched. But for the more vigilant, enquiring minds out there the existence of the Illuminati isn’t just the stuff of paranoid delusion.

Think about it: is it just mere coincidence that so many celebrities, the assumed puppets of the Illuminati, are constantly throwing out pyramid shapes and other such satanic hand gestures? Is the fact that the Illuminati has been referenced throughout popular culture, from music and films to literature and politics, nothing more than happenstance?

Or could it be that a secret society – or rather not-so secret society, considering we’re discussing them here – is really manipulating us all to their own wicked ends? As we’re about to prove, the idea of the Illuminati might not be so absurd.

It’s time to wake up, sheeple.