10 Athletes Who Betrayed Fans By Joining Their Team's Rival

Loyalty doesn't mean much when there are millions of dollars to be made and titles to be won.

Sports fans crave athlete loyalty more than just about anything besides winning. When a player sticks around with one team, he or she can become an icon in the city. Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, and Ryan Giggs come to mind when talking about athletes that played their entire careers on the same team.

With the emergence of free agency across all sports, many high profile athletes have taken massive contracts to leave the cities where they were beloved for greener pastures. Backlash towards the turncoats typically follows, as jerseys have been burned in the streets and children start crying about losing their hero.

What makes an athlete leaving their original team even tougher to swallow is when they sign with a hated rival. As it's become easier to sign athletes away from their squads with millions of dollars or the chance to win a title, parting ways to join the team they had spent so much time trying to beat before has become more common.

From baseball to basketball and even hockey to auto racing, plenty of sportsmen have been labeled as "traitors." These are the athletes that drew the most ire from fans and media alike, though many have found success in their new homes.