10 Most Surprising Transfers In Premier League History

Not all football transfers are predicted by the press...

The modern football world loves a big transfer story. Tabloids and online news sources around the globe often tout numerous rumours around during the now famed transfer windows, before laying claim to being the ones who called it from the start when a move does eventually come off.

Over the years we have seen long drawn out sagas like that of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid, or more recently Romelu Lukaku's move away from Everton this summer.

However, not all football transfers can be claimed to have been called by someone in the know. Many times during Premier League history we have been taken aback by a transfer which has come out of the blue and surprised everyone in football.

Whether it be someone moving to a club they swore never to join, a huge and seemingly unnecessary transfer fee being paid, or a club making a move for a player we all thought had simply no chance of happening, there have been plenty of occasions where the Premier League has produced a switch totally out of left field.