12 Worst Players Currently Playing For Premier League's Top 6

Warning: it's mostly Arsenal.

The emergence of Man City and Tottenham over the last decade has turned the Premier League's traditional Big Four into a Big Six.

Apart from emboldening the claims of the legions of fans who will insist to you (regardless of whether you asked) that England's top flight is the best in the world, this has perhaps also had the effect of diluting the quality of the squads therein.

Where Bavarian juggernauts Bayern Munich greedily scoop up all of Germany's best talent - often at bargain prices - their English rivals can by contrast become locked in futile bidding wars, the only winner of which is the selling team, who duly collect a generous profit on a player they've sold for well over the odds.

This is particularly true when it comes to English players, a smattering of whom occupy token places in the squads of teams at which - on merit - they probably don't really belong, but which the Premier League's homegrown quotas mandate that they have.

Players of this profile are hardly useless - many could easily command a regular berth at teams lower down the league - but the brutal reality is they are currently punching way above their weight.