7 Most Bizarre Injuries Which Kept Footballers Out Of Action

Infected leg pimples are not the only strange reason for missing football matches.

Footballers are always tarnished with the brush of being pretty lame when it comes to sustaining injuries and missing matches, and while some are genuinely debilitating , there are others which quite simply require a second glance when you read about them.

Last week gave us a fine example of this, as Real Madrid starlet Marco Asensio announced he would miss his team's Champions League tie with Apoel Nicosia with an infected pimple on the leg. In a truly bizarre turn of events, Asensio had apparently been shaving his legs, only to come out of the other side with this 'horrific' injury.

Asensio is not the first footballer to miss a game through strange or odd circumstances, and we have seen plenty of examples over the years of misfortune off the pitch leading to missed minutes on it.

Broken aftershave bottles, bed time mishaps, and just plain stupidity have robbed some footballers of playing time, and it's happened more than enough times to warrant a closer look...