10 Utterly Awful TV Finales That Completely Ruined The Show

Re-watchability is a major thing I take into account when I get into a television show. It is a mark of a great show if you can watch it over and over again. There are shows that trick you though - they are great during their run and then right at the end, right at the finale, they turn around and ruin the entire thing. The shows on this list are all shows that I have watched once but can't watch ever again because as soon as I start watching I just can't help but think about their endings and where the show is going. These shows are ruined for me now, and it is a big shame because there was greatness in all of them. There were a few shows that didn't technically finish their run. They were cut short before they got a chance to finish so they ended up having faux finales. I considered not including those types of shows in this list but I figured why not! So the first four on the list are shows that were cancelled and never finished. Let's get started with... NOTE: List contains major spoilers! Read at own risk!