12 Biggest Unanswered Game Of Thrones Mysteries

To go forward you must go back.


Game of Thrones and the book series it's based on, A Song of Ice and Fire, love to keep audiences guessing. Does R+L really equal J? How will the White Walkers/Others invade? Why does Hodor only say Hodor? What the hell did Pod do to impress those whores?

As the show nears its end, we've had answers to some of these long-running questions - on-screen at the very least (yes, Viserion, Bran's meddling, magic c*ck).

George R.R. Martin - and subsequently Dan Weiss and David Benioff - has mastered the art of foreshadowing, laying breadcrumbs that lead to shocking twists, huge developments, or sometimes a complete dead end. What's more, he's created a world with one of the deepest, most complex and fascinating histories in all fantasy literature.

There are numerous burning questions in need of answers regarding the fates of Westeros and its beloved (and reviled) inhabitants, but across the sprawling lore invented by GRRM there are all kinds of mysteries that remain unsolved. Season 8 will doubtless bring answers, as might the next two books - should they ever arrive - or Martin's other planned works, but others will forever be cast to the great unknown.