7 MIA Game Of Thrones Characters (Whose Fates Will Probably Never Be Revealed)

174,373 deaths have been shown, but these are still alive somewhere.

As Game Of Thrones approaches its conclusion the cast of characters is becoming smaller and smaller, with those that remain centered in just a handful of locations rather than scattered around the world.

The series overtook its source material at the beginning of season six, which was when loose ends started to get tied up left, right and centre as the narrative began to ramp up in pace, no longer constrained by the slow building storytelling found within George R. R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire novels.

Long absent characters such as Osha, Rickon Stark, and Brynden Tully were brought back solely to die quick and horrible deaths. Others such as Greatjon Umber weren't even given that treatment, instead being mentioned as having died offscreen. To trim the fat further, a considerable number of minor supporting players (such as every character of note at the Wall with the exception of Dolorous Edd) were often dispatched in one fell swoop.

The ultimate fates of some supporting characters are still unrevealed as of the end of season seven, however. Given that just six episodes remain and these will likely focus solely on the campaigns against the Night King and Cersei and The Golden Company, we'll probably never find out just what happened to them.