9 Scenes You Won’t Believe Were Cut From The Walking Dead

Rick's hand may have been spared the chop, but this stuff wasn't.

Whether it's Hershel Greene's leg or a zombie's head, things are always getting cut off in The Walking Dead, but occasionally it's entire scenes that get the chop.

This is the case with most movies and TV shows, though where the hit AMC series is concerned, some of the content that ended up on the cutting floor would have enhanced the story, shed light on some of its mysteries, and even resolved plotholes.

Fortunately for the fans, this nixed footage has wound up on the DVD and Blu-ray boxsets or surfaced online, giving them the opportunity to see what would have happened to Rick and co in an alternate universe.

Deleted scenes are a Walking Dead tradition dating all the way back to season one, and much like the show's zombie plague, there are no signs of them dying out. Indeed, the series has just kicked off its eighth season and unused footage from its predecessor has already made its way online.

Rick's hand may have been spared the chop (so far, anyway), but there's plenty of great material from the show that wasn't so lucky.