Friends: Ranking Every Thanksgiving Episode From Worst To Best

More turkey Mister Chandler?


Turkey, NFL, eating way too much, getting into arguments with your family, and preparing to trample all over your fellow humans in order to buy a TV you don't need because it's 20% off. Some things just scream Thanksgiving.

Another key element of the holiday is the Friends Thanksgiving episode, which is as important to the season as pumpkin pie, turkey pardons, and the Macy's parade. Even now, over a decade after the show has ended, it remains the 'must-watch' sitcom at this time of year.

Over its 10 season run the show captured the spirit of the holiday better than any other TV show has managed before or since, making viewers laugh, cry, and really hungry for some of Monica's turkey. Even as a non-American, someone who has never really experienced Thanksgiving, there was usually something special about the seasonal episodes of Friends that you managed to understand and enjoy it even as an 'outsider'.

So, whether or not you've had your toe chopped off, lost an arm in a past life, had a turkey stuck on your head, or made a dessert that was half English trifle and half shepherd's pie, these are the episodes of Friends we can all be extremely thankful for.