Marvel's The Punisher: 10 Best Moments

Jon Bernthal delivers the best screen Punisher yet.


Marvel's The Punisher finally landed on Netflix this past weekend, and with the binge-friendly nature of the streaming platform's delivery system, there's a good chance you've already worked your way through every episode of Frank Castle's latest blood-soaked rampage.

Though the season is a fairly mixed bag on the whole and certainly outstays its welcome with a bloated thirteen-episode run, Jon Bernthal nevertheless gives a fantastic, definitive performance as the titular anti-hero, and when the show works, it really works. Compared to other screen iterations of The Punisher, it's basically revelatory, and even at its worst, it's no Iron Fist, that's for sure.

From its brutal violence, which is easily the most graphic and unsettling in the MCU to date, to its litany of fun plot twists, unexpected doses of comic relief and tantalising teases for the probable second season, these are the 10 best moments from Netflix's The Punisher...