The Walking Dead: 10 Characters Who'll Survive Until The End

Plot armour thicker than Daryl Dixon’s bulging biceps.

When it comes to character deaths on The Walking Dead the mantra is that ‘no one is safe’, and considering how many major characters we’ve said goodbye to over its eight seasons (we still miss you, Hershel) that’s at least partly true.

According to Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, even characters seemingly essential to the series aren’t entirely safe, and that includes small-town cop turned leader of the zombie apocalypse Rick Grimes.

Mind, Kirkman is a known troll so we should probably take anything he says with a pinch of salt and realistically there must be some characters that AMC would be reluctant to kill off for fear of pissing off the massive cash cow that is the Walking Dead fandom.

So, we’re calling The Walking Dead’s bluff and saying that there are definitely a few characters they won’t have the guts to bump off … probably.