10 Best WWE Redemption Stories

When wrestling gets real.

If you believe Michael Cole, redemption stories are a fairly common occurrence in the WWE these days.

It's pretty much become tradition, in fact, for the winner of the weekend pay-per-view match to lose - or at least take a beating - on the go-home edition of Raw or SmackDown that precedes it, making them a near-monthly occurrence.

But we've got slightly grander things in mind when we refer to the company's best ever redemption stories. Overcoming the odds in kayfabe terms may be one of wrestling's great cliches, but in real life, coming back from long-term injury or a fractured relationship with the WWE board is altogether less common.

Most fans, by now, know how to spot the authentic emotion from the crocodile tears, and while it doesn't show its head very often, when it does you can be sure that you're witnessing something truly unique (even if it is sometimes soured by sub-par booking thereafter).

These are moments when even the most cynical among us have to admit that whilst wrestling may indeed be largely fake, it can from time to time be very real as well.