10 Better World Champion Options Than Brock Lesnar And Randy Orton

The top of the card on Raw and SmackDown needs a shakeup. 

The WWE has two current World Champions, and two current World Championship problems. On one side, the problem is a non-existent champion who wrestles five matches a year tops. On the other side, the World Champion is a 13-time champion in the twilight of his career, sleepwalking his way through matches.

This has been WWE’s issue since WrestleMania, when Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton won the Universal and WWE Championships respectively. Since then, Brock has been absent, and it’s not even a lock that his championship matches will be any good, as Lesnar hasn’t had a good match in arguably over two years. Orton has floundered in feuds with Bray Wyatt and Jinder Mahal, a preliminary wrestler who has received a push out of nowhere. Orton will presumably retain the title tonight at Backlash, but there are much better options on Smackdown that Orton to be champion.

Who would make better choices as champions right now on either show? (Spoiler alert: neither Roman Reigns nor Jinder Mahal will be appearing on this list.)