10 MORE Wrestlers Who Hated Working Together

Real heat in pro wrestling's fantasy world.

While promotions like WWE would no doubt love you to believe their locker rooms and offices are happy, harmonious workplaces, the stories that escape the backstage area don't exactly paint this picture.

Tales of politics, discord, walk-outs, and fights dominate the headlines. Granted, media sources only report newsworthy content, and negativity generally draws more attention than positivity, but the world behind the curtain often feels toxic. Backstage rivalries can be every bit as heated as those portrayed onscreen, and this heat manifests in the ugliest ways imaginable.

Televised wrestling might be the ultimate fantasy world, but its locker rooms are no different to any other workplace. Co-worker disputes are inevitable anywhere, regardless of profession, and in a business driven by ego, where the gap between the haves and have-nots is so colossal, tensions are often stretched well beyond their breaking point.

This sport is full of relationships gone sour, and while most backstage rivals are professional enough to set their differences aside when it's time to perform, others let their real-life heat spill into wrestling's pantomime. Whatever the case, the wrestlers within just couldn't stand the sight of each other...