10 Triple H Orchestrated Championship Screwjobs

At this point, is there anybody Triple H's character hasn't screwed over?

As a wrestler who’s spent much of his career cavorting in heel factions, colluding with the daughter of the chairman of the company and generally just abusing any position of authority, it’s not too surprising that Triple H’s insecure, power hungry character has been involved in his fair share of screwjobs.

Also, considering he’s managed to amass 14 world titles across a 22-year WWE career, it’s perhaps only natural that plenty of those screwjobs have affected high-profile championship matches.

From those early days of tomfoolery with Shawn Michaels, to the gang warfare antics of D-Generation X and any of his runs alongside Stephanie McMahon, it feels like Triple H has never been far from a controversial finish.

Sometime they’ve played into long-term angles, other times they’ve simply been a means of getting him heat. And sometimes, on rare occasions, the controversy has spilled over into the real-life goings-on behind the scenes. More on that one later, though.

Here in this list, the very concept of which speaks volumes about Triple H’s on-screen persona, we delve into ten championship screwjobs that 'The Game' has played a huge part in.