Update On WWE Network Subscriber Count

Are WWE meeting their streaming targets?

By Andy H Murray /


WWE have today released their 2016 Third Quarter Results, including an update on the current WWE Network subscriber count.


The figures show an average of 1.458 million paid subscribers during Q3 2016. This is an increase of 24% on last year's figure, which stood at 1.306, and an 18% revenue increase from $36.4 million to $42.8 million. It's not all good news, though: WWE had been projecting a count of 1.49 million at this point in the year, so the reported figure represents a minor shortfall.

The Network's subscription count has also dropped from Q2, when WWE reported an average of 1.52 million subscribers. Despite this, WWE expect the level of Network subscribers to continually increase on a yearly basis, albeit at a lower rate than previously. It is unclear whether or not these projections include the proposed pricing plan changes rumoured earlier this month.


WWE Network's subscription count stood at 1.487 million on September 30th, with 1.071 of these located in the United States, and 373,000 internationally.

WWE offered a free one-month Network trial for new customers during WrestleMania season, so the slight drop in Q3 subscribers isn't surprising. In additional to these figures, Streaming Observer reported yesterday that WWE Network have recently become America's 5th most popular streaming service.