WWE Brand Split 2016: 20 Top Draft Picks For Raw And Smackdown

Who will be #1?

It's official: the brand split is back and all members of the WWE roster will enter the draft on the live edition of Smackdown on July 19. Raw and Smackdown general managers will each have the opportunity to gain exclusive access to the superstars they believe will make their brand WWE's best.

Odds are Stephanie McMahon, Vince's favorite kid, will continue to run the "A" show, Monday Night Raw. Shane McMahon will continue with his underdog vibe and run Smackdown, hoping to unseat Raw as WWE's top rated show. With Smackdown being live, he'll have a real shot.

Since the draft is being held on Smackdown, it's a good bet that sometime between now and the draft, Shane will do something to secure his show the top overall pick.

Which superstar will he build his brand around? How will his sister respond? Find out in this mock draft predicting the first 10 picks for each brand.