With over 6.5 MILLION subscribers across our YouTube network, and millions more visiting our website every month, WhatCulture has grown into one of the UK's most popular pop culture brands.

We have roles available both in our offices in Newcastle upon Tyne, as well as on a freelance basis from anywhere in the world. And we are excited to hear from you.

Current Vacancies

Web Developer (PHP/MySQL): In-Office

Video Presenter & Writer: In-Office (Diet and Fitness YouTube Channel)

Video Presenter & Voice-Over Artist: Freelance / In-Office - WhatCulture (Main), WhatCulture Comics, WhatCulture Horror, TrekCulture, WhoCulture - ONLY

Video Editor: Freelance - WhatCulture Wrestling, WhatCulture Comics, TrekCulture, WhoCulture - ONLY

Writer: Freelance - All channels open to applications for writers!

Further Information

If you think you have the ability to help us further develop in any way, please contact

If you have any questions relating to our 'Web Developer' position, please contact