WhatCulture Gaming Are Hiring!

WhatCulture Gaming Are Hiring!

As you may have seen on our YouTube channel, we’re looking for all sorts to join our team, both in our Gateshead office and as freelancers from home. You can find detailed application information below.


In order to apply for a writing role, please create an original list article of your choosing. This could range from your 10 favourite video game weapons, to something topical reacting to the latest developments in the worlds of PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, or PC. Written work should be submitted via email attachment. Or apply here.


In order to apply for a video editing role, please adapt this voice over segment into an engaging video (right click and choose "Save Link As..."). Don’t worry about not having access to our fonts/intros/supers etc! We’re just interested in seeing what you’re capable of - must be exported at 1080p. Video edits should be uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video, and an email should be sent containing a link to it.


In order to apply for a voice over role, please adapt this article into an entertaining voice over. It should be kept under 10 minutes, and if possible, be exported as an MP3. Voice overs should be uploaded to https://www.wetransfer.com/ and an email should be sent containing a link to it.


Following the guidelines for each role, please email editor@whatculture.com with a covering letter, and with a subject bar conforming to following template: GAMING CHANNEL TRIAL – ROLE – NAME

We look forward to hearing from you!