Hiring: Writers (Film & TV, Gaming, Wrestling, Music, And More)

So you want to be a WhatCulture writer? Get paid? Have your work in front of millions of potential readers every month?

Good, you're in the right place. As we look to expand our output even more into 2020 and beyond, we're on the hunt for more talented writers to join our teams.

Right now, we're looking for writers well-versed in Film, TV, Gaming, Comics, Science, History, Music and everything in between. We want to give fans with that extra bit of passion and lots of knowledge the chance to write alongside some of the most-read in the industry and for our team of YouTube presenters.

If you've got this far, you're already keen, so here's what we need from you...

Who You Are

You're obsessive about the things you love, whether that's Film, TV, Comics, Gaming, Music or anything else and you want a huge platform to write about that. You know what audiences want to read and you have lots and lots of IDEAS to add to our content offering.


Experience isn't necessary, but it helps. Flair for writing, passion for your subjects and enthusiasm to write matters just as much. If you have talent and we're the first place to publish you, we're happy to be.

We want to hear from you!

Send an email to matt.holmes@futurenet.com, including your CV along with the following information:


Write a 10 point list in the style of our website content that you think would fit any of our main sections of the site with an introduction. Study how we put content together on the site because it's IMPORTANT.


If you're heavily into Anime, let us know. If Batman is your thing, let us know. Video games in general? Cool. Horror? Awesome. We want to know who you are as a writer.


If you're already published - no matter what the type of content (and this can include big fandom Twitter accounts) - let us know where.


Just an outline of your free time you can spend writing. You'll be paid either way, it's just so we know we're giving you the content you want.

To apply, send an email to matt.holmes@futurenet.com with your CV and everything detailed above. If you're successful or we want to hear more from you, you will hear back from us. Unfortunately, due to the sheer numbers of applications we receive, we are unable to get back to everyone individually.