Write For WhatCulture And Get Paid

What Culture Office2 As of January 1st, we here at WhatCulture are rolling out a system entitling all our writers to earn money from every article they contribute. The earning potential is huge and in our Beta testing phase some of our contributors this month have earned as much as £700 from one individual article. Our system is based on a £ per views basis, rewarding the very best writers whose content matches what our audience wants to read. Typically, writers who could come up with original concepts and execute them well have really reaped the big benefits. If writing isn't your thing, in 2014 we're also hoping to establish a larger video presence and are looking for talented filmmakers and YouTubers to produce high quality content for WhatCulture.com. So if you think you've got what it takes to write interesting articles/create popular videos and make money while doing it, get in touch with us on editor@whatculture.com and we'll explain the details. If you'd prefer to chat on Skype, the address is 'whatculture' and we can setup a meeting. Or if you are local to us in Newcastle, we can arrange a face-to-face meeting. Whether you already write for us voluntary, are a regular or casual reader of WhatCulture.com or are hearing about us for the very first time, we  look forward to hearing from you!