Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Breakdown - 31 Images You Need To See

The hype is real.

Marvel Studios

It's the time every Marvel fan has been waiting for: the long-awaited trailer for Avengers: Infinity War has finally dropped, and it's an eye-watering work of blockbuster beauty.

After a potato-quality trailer leaked online following San Diego Comic-Con many months ago, those who didn't attend the show now have a gorgeous HD version to feast their eyes on, and it's safe to say that the film looks incredibly promising indeed.

With its visually unique settings, new character designs and the long-awaited arrival of Thanos, this looks and feels like nothing the Marvel Cinematic Universe has served up before, and so fingers are crossed that the Russo brothers can fully deliver on all that star-studded, action-packed promise.

The two-and-a-half-minute trailer is so densely packed with images that it's easy to miss some of the finer details, so let's slow things down and unpack everything from fans' first official glimpse of next summer's most anticipated movie...

31. Earth Doesn't Look So Good

Marvel Studios

The trailer kicks off with a visually stunning opening shot of what appears to be Earth, albeit bathed in a sinister orange light which is presumably a by-product of Thanos' arrival on the planet.

There's probably no colour better associated with large-scale apocalypse than orange, so it makes sense, and finds a neat balance between being unsettling and eerily gorgeous.

As the viewer gets a moment to soak this lush image in, Nick Fury kicks off a shared voiceover narration leaping between the Avengers, explaining why the group needs to exist.

Above all else, it does serve as a fleeting reminder that yes, Samuel L. Jackson will appear in this movie.