9 Landmark Fan Outrages That Changed Expensive Video Games

Even EA will blink when they're being accused of child gambling.


If there's one thing social media has brought us - or at least, amped up to a degree previously unseen in all of human history - it's the incessant presence of outrages and sensationalism. Once any story breaks it can reach thousands of people in minutes, going from initial find to Change.org petition in an afternoon, the requisite signatures and movement being established almost overnight.

Such was the case in the majority of the following examples, as though it's easy to be dismissive when so many causes are being created and bandied about every day, the sheer power of combined outrage can have a tangible, positive effect - especially on the modular games industry.

This decade more than any other we're seeing inflated hype-cycles lead to disastrous results; the culmination of whipping fans and demographics into a stupor, only to never capitalise on all that momentum. It leaves thousands disappointed, though when voicing your concerns is only a click away - and the medium can patch any fixes in within hours - there's a case to be made that joining the masses and bellowing disapproval will get results.