10 Video Games That Had The World's Attention (And Lost It)

How did EA mess up Medal of Honor so bad?

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We're a fickle bunch, us gamers. One minute something is the "best ever", a real bonafide second coming of originality and innovation you must play, and the next... it's forgotten about as we move onto another month's fresh releases.

All it takes is one great game mechanic or badass looking character and we're set. Rocket League blew up into a cultural phenomenon because it was nitro-powered football delivered through the PS Plus service, and as the list of games that subsist off one release and constant updates is very small (that and Overwatch are two notable examples), it stands to reason that the word "consumer" is to be taken as ravenously as possible.

That said, which games had the whole world talking... until they didn't? And why is that? Why is games coverage so reliant on forward momentum and the "next big thing", rather than taking stock of recent events and truly appreciating them?

This dogged pursuit of hype and sensationalised headlines only sets various games up for a fall, though in the case of the following, they'd already began to stumble before that reality set in...

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