FIFA 18: 5 New Features You Need To Know

Is it weird we're excited about playing on a muddy pitch?

EA Sports

EA are making a lot of noise about all the new bells and whistles included in FIFA 18. There's something for everyone this year, including some long overdue tweaks to Career Mode that should help make the single-player campaign more than a mere appetiser before you launch into Ultimate Team.

That's not all though, because 18 will also feature 'Dramatic Moments' (hopefully not just 90-minute equalising goals from the CPU), 'Real Player Motion Technology' (see Ronaldo run just like Ronaldo) and much improved in-stadia atmosphere. There's bags of stuff in FIFA 18 that EA are touting as new, and it's making that wait for the September 29 release date agonising.

News flash: that wait is about to feel just a little longer. EA aren't done with new features, not by a long shot. As if all the other changes weren't enough to get the blood pumping, those bloody developers have been at it again, sneakily dripping out fresh info on FIFA 18 to the media.