FIFA 18: 7 Career Mode Challenges We Can't Wait To Tackle

Luring a big name like Lukaku won't be easy this year...

YouTube/EA Sports

With all the changes EA are making to FIFA 18's Career Mode, we're in for a very different, more in-depth experience this year. The possibilities are endless when it comes to all the scenarios you could play out in your own Career, even if the temptation to pick Real Madrid and smash through every team in Europe will be overwhelming.

Leave that kind of thing to the casual players, because Career Mode is a playground for the more experimental side of FIFA. It's not always about playing as the best teams in the world, starting out with the greatest players around and winning every trophy up for grabs during your first season. No, Career Mode can be a journey.

We're not talking Alex Hunter though. This is a different kind of journey, one that favours imagination and exploits all of the hidden gems shining just beneath FIFA's Career Mode surface. Customisation is king, and the only limits are the ones players impose on themselves.

Why not try something a little different this year?