Marvel's The Punisher: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

Welcome back, Frank.


Coming off the back of The Defenders, you'd think that audience expectations for Netflix's next Marvel adaptation, The Punisher, would be somewhat tempered. That show, although promising in parts, meandered all too often and never really delivered on the promise of having four street-level heroes thoroughly dismantle a ninja group. Which is quite tragic if we're being honest.

Still, the Marvel-Netflix hype-train persists. And why shouldn't it? The aforementioned Avengers-style team-up certainly showed signs of promise, and its weaknesses in no way negate the proven quality of shows gone by. Indeed, the format could actually be in its best position yet, with Jessica Jones gearing up for another season and Matt Murdock being 'Born Again', things are looking pretty good for Marvel's street-level group.

The Punisher, however, simply has to be included in this conversation. With a likely November release in mind, and with cryptic clues aplenty dropping on the show's Twitter feed (as a side, Marvel's social media presence has been quality), it's clear that Frank's back and is ready to take the MCU by storm - probably by gunpoint, if be.

There's so much talent involved in the project, and, with that in mind, it’s obvious that Frank’s best poised to usher in this new wave of Marvel programming. That and it’s okay to be excited, because god, who can forget Daredevil Season 2?