Marvel's The Defenders: 10 Ways It Sets Up Daredevil Season 3

Yep, we're getting those 'Born Again' vibes too...

Daredevil The Defenders

Well, The Defenders is currently streaming on Netflix, and if you're the kind of person who loves to binge on a series over the course of a day or two, you're probably wondering just what the Hell the show's ending means for the rest of Netflix's corner of the MCU.

The series finale had about the same amount of endings as Return of the King, after all, with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Danny Rand and, of course, Matt Murdock all receiving ample screen time to thoroughly and appropriately address the events that had just transpired. There was a lot to wade through, and with all four Defenders getting their own solo renewals, the show had a lot to set-up. None, more-so, than Daredevil.

And that makes sense, given how (spoiler!) Matt seemingly died and then returned, although the only people to know as such are the nuns (and a specific nun in particular) charged with his care.

Indeed, The Defenders seemed to pick up where season two of Daredevil left off in laying the foundations for a Born Again-style tale to take place in the character's third Netflix series. To do this all while juggling the narratives of three equally formidable heroes is no small feat, but, given the success of The Defenders, it seems to have worked.

There's a bit of a wait ahead until Daredevil season three, but, with The Defenders having established so much already, it's never too early to ask where things are heading.

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