The Punisher: 25 WTF Moments

The MCU gets hardcore.


The Punisher has been available on Netflix for a little while now, so you've no doubt had time to blast through Marvel's latest direct-to-streaming TV series (and if not, why not?).

While it's certainly not as consistent as the MCU's TV high-points of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and it's definitely at least a few episodes too long, The Punisher nevertheless still served up its share of unforgettable moments. Plus, it's easily the best live-action depiction of the iconic vigilante to date.

From Frank Castle's more unpleasant and unexpectedly boundary-pushing acts of violence to the show's rather peculiar attitude to sex, a bunch of absurd one-liners and everything in-between, The Punisher delivered plenty of weird to ensure the show never got too bogged down in its duller procedural elements.

Again, it's not without its issues, but there's certainly enough promise here, largely thanks to Jon Bernthal's fantastic performance, that a second season can hopefully push things even further...

25. Frank Threatens A Child (Episode 8, "Cold Steel")


After Micro's wife Sarah confesses to Frank that she's having trouble disciplining her son Zach, who smacked his sister in the face a few episodes earlier, Frank offers to have a little chat with the boy.

It's mere seconds before Frank calls the kid a "pr**k a**hole", and because Zach's been carrying a knife on him, Frank graphically explains to him what it's like to actually stab someone to death.

Frank then grabs Zach and says he could "cut his little head off", at which point Zach freaks out, explaining that he has the knife because he's scared and has no friends. Zach starts crying and Frank immediately regrets his tough approach with the boy, consoling him. Awkward or what?