10 Biggest Failed WWE Pushes

Things just aren't working out.

For WWE, turning emerging young talents into bona fide main event stars is a task that is perhaps more difficult than many of us realise.

They may have considerable marketing might, but in the end, it's the audience who get to decide whether they embrace their latest musclebound Vince McMahon project or greet their every word with a chorus of hostility.

It's not just the fans who decide whether they sink or swim, either. In some cases the WWE execs are guilty of misjudging the character of their next big thing, learning a few months down the line that they don't have the required levels of hunger to reach the very top after all.

There are a whole host of examples over recent and distant wrestling history that serve to illustrate this point. Many of them have gone onto middling careers in the ring, either inside or outside the WWE, whilst some of them have since hung up their boots altogether.

It speaks to the fact that timing - as well as, obviously, talent and originality - really can make or break a career.