7 Ups And 4 Downs From Last Night's WWE Raw (Dec 4)

Raw fires on all cylinders with good matches and entertaining segments.


It’s really amazing how an energetic, smart opening, quality wrestling matches, solid promos and lack of stupid drivel can make three hours breeze by, but that’s exactly what we got Monday night.

Raw delivered several bouts that varied between good to really good, including a hot opening match between Jason Jordan and Roman Reigns, a main event between the rest of the Shield and the Bar, and a surprisingly engaging cruiserweight four-way match that nearly stole the show.

Along the way, we learned that Roman can get cheered – if he’s up against someone the fans hate more, in this case, Jordan. We learned that Matt Hardy is indeed #Woken, but might not yet be #Broken. Regardless, Hardy is partnered with the right man as his new persona emerges in Bray Wyatt.

We also learned that the women’s division is more interesting than it has been in the past several months, with Paige and her new group Absolution running roughshod over the division. And we unfortunately saw Finn Balor go from standing up to Kane to vanquishing Bo Dallas, all in the span of a week.

All said, this was a really solid, entertaining episode of Raw. It’ll be interesting to see if it continues as the holiday season approaches, which typically results in a slowdown of angles.

Let’s find out what speared the competition and what got powerslammed. Let’s get to it…