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gaming Halo 4 166 views

Halo 4: New Behind The Scenes Video Revealed

New HALO 4 video goes behind the scenes with a sneak peak of what’s to come.

6 Mar 2012 AJ Morris

gaming mw3 Deaths 8k views

Modern Warfare 3: The 17 Worst Ways To Die

Are you afflicted by severe recurrent bouts of rage quit? If you play MW3, chances are the reason for your anger is somewhere in this list...

24 Feb 2012 AJ Morris

gaming mt 319k views

Top 20 PlayStation 2 Games Of All Time

Open the floodgates of nostalgia and hold your breath as we dive into the masterpieces of the past...

23 Nov 2011 AJ Morris

gaming dice-battlefield-3-single-player-slightly-more-than-modern-warfare-2 4k views

BATTLEFIELD 3 Single-Player Is Everything Modern Warfare 3 Shouldn't Be!

For a game with so much hype and so much media attention and so many "E3" awards and even a live action commercial, I expected quite a bit from Battlefield 3, and rightfully so but the single player just doesn't deliver.

3 Nov 2011 AJ Morris

gaming xbox720 1k views

Microsoft To Releases Xbox Next in 2013, Sony Working on PlayStation 4 Games

Not want Sony and Microsoft want us to know of course as they still have consoles to ship this winter but apparently the next generation of consoles are drawing every nearer...

21 Oct 2011 AJ Morris

gaming Picture 9 1k views

BATTLEFIELD 3 Comes to Xbox 360 With Separate Texture DVD Pack

“These bullets look even better in 3-D!”

20 Oct 2011 AJ Morris

gaming batman-arkham-city-catwoman 2k views

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY's Catwoman VIP Achievements!

Holy skintight VIP achievements, Batman!

20 Oct 2011 AJ Morris