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20th Century Fox

The Simpsons: 10 Most Important Episodes Ever Made

Indispensable, landmark and progressive episodes of the best show of all-time.

4 Oct 2015 Sam Hill


Television's 10 Best "Wrestling Episodes"

Every show does a wrestling episode eventually, but these are the best ones.

4 Oct 2015 Matt O'Connell


Doctor Who: 10 Terrifying Moments In Under The Lake

An episode that proved to be one of Doctor Who's most scary stories yet...

4 Oct 2015 Baz Greenland


10 Biggest TV Cliffhangers That Will Never Be Resolved

To be continued... never.

4 Oct 2015 Padraig Cotter

New Line Cinema

10 Status Updates On Iconic Horror Franchises

Michael, Freddy, Jason... What are they up to?

3 Oct 2015 Geoff Cox


10 Awesome Doctor Who Episodes That You Can Only Watch Once

A rundown of exhausting escapades...

3 Oct 2015 Steve Palace


The Simpsons: 10 Hidden Jokes Everybody Missed

After so many years, there are still secrets to be found in The Simpsons.

3 Oct 2015 Alexander Pan


10 Worst Kings In Game Of Thrones

"Incompetent? Bloodthirsty? Drunk? Come right this way, Your Grace."

2 Oct 2015 Michael Potts

DC Comics

Watchmen TV Show: HBO And Zack Snyder Teaming Up For New Adaptation

So, you'll be watching the Watchmen, then...

1 Oct 2015 Simon Gallagher

The CW

Arrow Season 4 Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know

New heroes. New city. New season starts October 7.

1 Oct 2015 James Hunt


Game Of Thrones: 9 Biggest Over-Actors

Sometimes the best actors go way over-the-top.

1 Oct 2015 Michael Potts


Hilarious Satirical Comedy Con Man

Available on Vimeo

1 Oct 2015 Dan Powell

Comedy Central

20 Best South Park Characters Of All Time

Meet some friends of mine...

1 Oct 2015 Emilia Brown


The X-Files Revival Trailer: 20 Things You Need To See

The truth is still out there.

1 Oct 2015 Jay Anderson

The CW

The Flash Season 2 Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know

The Scarlet Speedster will Zoom back onto screens October 6!

1 Oct 2015 James Hunt


The Walking Dead Season 6: 10 Things Everyone Expects To Happen

The wait is almost over...

30 Sep 2015 Michael Potts


11 Things You Totally Missed In Friends


30 Sep 2015 James Hunt


10 Game Of Thrones Characters Who Died Way Too Soon

"Hey, I think I'm starting to like that gu...NOOO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

29 Sep 2015 Michael Potts