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5 Best DC Universe Crossovers (In Film & TV)

The DC team-ups that left the biggest marks...
By Simon Gallagher
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Win: DC TV's Arrowverse 5 DVD & Blu-Ray™ Bundle

We have 3 to give away including Arrow, Crisis On Earth X, Supergirl & More!
By Simon Gallagher

Making A Murderer Season 2 Release Date Revealed

Steven Avery's story isn't done yet.
By James Hunt

Arrow Season 7: 10 Major Predictions

All hell is about to break loose.
By Michael Patterson

Netflix's Maniac: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

We're off to a good start.
By James Hunt

The Office Quiz - How Well Do YOU Know Dunder Mifflin?

""You Miss 100% Of The Questions You Don't Answer" - WhatCulture" - Michael Scott.
By Dalton C. Wickett
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DC Quiz: How Well Do You Know Batwoman?

A new bat has risen in Gotham city.
By Cassandra Hawkings

10 TV Shows Utterly Ruined By Their Final Revelations

All else fails? Become a lumberjack.
By Jack Pooley

8 TV Shows Saved By Ridiculously Last Minute Changes

The shows you love were almost terrible.
By David Fox

8 TV Shows That Just Wouldn't Die

Live Another Day. And another. And another.
By James Hunt

Bodyguard Finale: 5 Theories You Need To Know

Who's framing David Budd?
By Eammon Jacobs

Daredevil Season 3 May Have Avengers Connection

Let there be darkness... and a buttload of Easter eggs.
By Ewan Paterson

Marvel's Daredevil Season 3: 10 Things That Must Happen

Who's gonna talk about Matt Murdock?
By James Hunt

Daredevil Season 3 Trailer Lets The Devil Out (And Confirms Release Date)

There's only one true way to end evil.
By James Hunt

8 Alternate TV Endings Much Better Than What We Got

When happily ever after ends up in the DVD extras.
By Mark Langshaw

Sons Of Anarchy Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Season One?

From murder to affairs to carnival clowns.
By Scott Banner

American Horror Story: Apocalypse - 5 Ups & 1 Down From 'The Morning After'

No need for rules anymore. Chaos has won.
By Stephen Patterson
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Ranking Every Spider-Man Cartoon From Worst To Best

Does whatever a spider can!
By Jonathan H. Kantor
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Predicting Marvel's MCU TV Shows

Who will star in Disney's new streaming service?
By Ewan Paterson

Wonder Woman Writer Is Making A Marvel Female Superheroes TV Show

By James Hunt

The Ultimate How I Met Your Mother Quiz

Wait for it...
By Ishaan Bhattacharya

Doctor Who Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The 9th Doctor?

Prove you're not a stupid ape.
By Christian Bone

How Every Season Of American Horror Story Is Connected

The pieces of the AHS puzzle finally come together.
By Stephen Patterson

Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know The Arrowverse?

The very best that DC can give to the small screen.
By Matthew Allen
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Loki, Scarlet Witch & More MCU Characters Are Getting Their Own Disney TV Shows

House of M(ouse).
By James Hunt

Grey's Anatomy Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know The Show?

It's a beautiful day to test your knowledge!
By Laura Holmes

10 Awesome TV Shows With One Awful Character

Admit it, you groan every time they show up.
By Jack Pooley
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10 Incredible Facts You Didn't Know About Netflix

Billions of dollars and billions of hours - there is nothing out there today quite like Netflix.…
By Bevan Morgan

Marvel's Iron Fist Season 2: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

Wait, Danny can do what now?
By Christian Bone

Game Of Thrones: The Ultimate Eddard Stark Quiz

How much do you know about Westeros' most honourable man?
By Scott Banner