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The Flash Season 2 Finale

The Flash Season 2: 8 Ups And 2 Downs From 'The Race Of His Life'

Zoom finally gets his just desserts, whilst the Man in the Iron Mask is too much.
By Andrew Pollard
Game Of Thrones Mystery

Game Of Thrones: Will "Blood Of My Blood" See Shocking Return Of [SPOILER]?

If they don't die on screen, there's always a way back...
By Simon Gallagher
Hodor Game Of Thrones

10 Most Tearjerking Game Of Thrones Moments

"Hold the door!"
By Padraig Cotter
The Walking Dead Red Nose Day

The Walking Dead Cast Get Silly For Red Nose Day

Haven't you ever wanted to do something... lighter?
By Simon Gallagher
Game of Thrones Bran Mad King

Game Of Thrones Season 6: 6 Crazy Fan Theories About Bran Stark

What else is he responsible for?
By James Hunt
BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman Says Critics Are "The Worst" In New Teaser For Season 3

The Netflix show gets a release date!
By James Hunt
Westworld Anthony Hopkins Jeffrey Wright

HBO Finally Tells Us When We're Going To See Westworld

The series will air this coming fall.
By James Hunt

Disgruntled Game Of Thrones Fans Take Down "The Door's" Theatre Scene

"I officially CAN’T EVEN with the scriptwriters for this theatrical troupe…
By Simon Gallagher
Game Of Thrones Ned Stark Jon Snow

​Is Game Of Thrones Telling Us R+L=J Is False?

You know nothing, ASOIAF fans.
By Alex Leadbeater
Arow Oliver hope

Arrow Season 4 Finale: 12 Big Questions We're Asking After 'Schism'

"Where'd everybody go?"
By James Hunt
Game of Thrones play Essie Davis Richard E. Grant Winds of Winter

Game Of Thrones Season 6: 7 Things You Might've Missed In 'The Door'

Hold the door.
By James Hunt
True Detective

Did People Really Think True Detective Was Going To Get A Season 3?

Report suggests show is over at HBO.
By Alex Leadbeater
Arrow Oliver Queen

Arrow Season 4 Finale: 11 Big Questions That Need Answering

Can they please find a way of keeping Neal McDonough around?
By James Hunt
Tormund Brienne

Game Of Thrones: Why Everyone Needs To Ship Brienne And Tormund

Imagine their giant warrior babies!
By Simon Gallagher
Arrow Lost in the Flood

Arrow Season 4: 7 Ups And 3 Downs From 'Lost In The Flood'

Did Anarky just make himself an A-lister?
By Andrew Pollard
Legends of Tomorrow Poster

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 10 Arrowverse Characters Who Should Join Season 2

Who else deserves to become a legend?
By Geoff Cox
The Flash Invincible

The Flash Season 2: 7 Ups And 4 Downs Of 'Invincible'

Why Barry's loss is a good thing, yet his newfound god complex isn't.
By Andrew Pollard
Game of Thrones Night's King The Wall

Game Of Thrones: 8 Huge Predictions For The Second Half Of Season Six

From murder to sacrifice, it's time to get hype...
By Brian Wilson
Falling Water Man With A Plan Son of Zorn

15 New Fall TV Shows You Need To Know About

What's new at all the big networks?
By James Hunt
Supergirl Flash Arrow Atom

Epic Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends Of Tomorrow Crossover Is Happening

The Superheroes of the CW!
By James Hunt
The Walking Dead Ride

The Walking Dead Coming To Universal Studios Hollywood On July 4th

Get ready to run this Independence Day.
By Jen Gallie
Game of Thrones Daenerys Fire

Game Of Thrones Season 6: 7 Things You Might've Missed In Book Of The Stranger

Come and see.
By James Hunt
Star Trek Logo

Logo And First Teaser For New Star Trek Show Beam In

"New Crews. New Villains. New Heroes. New Worlds."
By Simon Gallagher
The Flash Barry Zoom iron mask questions

The Flash Season 2: 11 Big Questions We're Asking After 'Invincible'

"If the universe is with us, then how can we possibly lose?"
By James Hunt
The Exorcist TV

Get Possessed By First Trailer For The Exorcist TV Series

The power of Geena Davis compels you.
By Ben Bussey
Robert Kirkman Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman Defends The Walking Dead Season 6 "Dumpster Fire" Finale

He doesn't dodge the hard questions.
By Simon Gallagher
Doom of Valyria

Game Of Thrones: 8 Potential Spin-Offs (And How They Might Work)

The world of Westeros is rich with blood and history...
By Brian Wilson
Preacher Jesse Custer

Bloody Opening Scene Of AMC's Preacher Is Online

It's the time of the Preacher.
By Ben Bussey
Lethal Weapon TV series

Lethal Weapon TV Series Trailer: The Magic Isn't Back

Next up in "what the hell are they thinking" news...
By Ben Bussey
Game of Thrones Littlefinger questions

Game Of Thrones Season 6: 10 Questions We're Asking After 'Book Of The Stranger'

The time has come to join the fray.
By James Hunt