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The X-Files Season 11: 10 Things We Learned From Plus One

The X-Files takes a peek at its own reflection.
By Jay Anderson

The Simpsons: 10 Utterly Heart-Breaking Moments You'll Never Forget

Right in the feels.
By Simon Gallagher
+ Film

8 Ways Infinity War Could Affect Netflix's Marvel Universe

Spider-Man meeting the Defenders? You know you want it.
By Motzie Dapul

25 Most Hotly Anticipated New TV Shows Of 2018

New year, new TV.
By James Hunt

The X-Files Season 11: 10 Things We Learned From 'This'

A Lone Gunmen returns... sort of.
By Jay Anderson
+ Comics

11 Most Anticipated Comic Book TV Shows Coming In 2018

You HAVE to be excited for Teen Titans...
By Ewan Paterson
+ Film

6 Doctor Who Movies That Almost Happened

The blue box on the silver screen?
By Ben Aldis

15 Best TV Moments Of 2017

Moments to break the internet, and our heart.
By James Hunt

10 2018 TV Shows To Watch Instead Of Game Of Thrones

The heirs to the Iron Throne.
By James Hunt

7 Awesome TV Shows That Won't Return Until 2019

It's going to be a long wait.
By James Hunt
+ Film

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Every One-Shot & Webseries Ranked Worst To Best

The MCU's short films may be gone, but they're definitely not forgotten.
By Geoff Cox

26 Netflix TV Series You Must Binge Watch In 2018

The shows set to make you say "hmm, just one more episode" until it's 4am.
By Ben Bussey

Black Mirror Season 4: 10 Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

The shared universe theory is gaining traction.
By Mark Langshaw

Game Of Thrones Season 8: 8 Things We Already Know

A Dream of Spring 2019.
By James Hunt

It's Official: Game Of Thrones Season 8 Won't Arrive Until 2019

2018 already sucks.
By James Hunt
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14 Movies Starring The Walking Dead Actors In 2018

What they get up to when they're not slaying zombies.
By Mark Langshaw

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The X-Files Season 11: 10 Things We Learned From My Struggle, Part III

The show is back in fine form.
By Jay Anderson

The League Of Gentlemen: All Their Other Shows Ranked From Worst To Best

This is local TV for local people, we'll have no trouble here.
By Jack Gann
+ Film

Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10 New Villains To Watch Out For In 2018

There's a whole new wave of evildoers on the way.
By Geoff Cox

Friends: 25 Greatest Episodes

Could these episodes BE any better?
By James Hunt

20 Best TV Shows Of 2017

2017 was Peak(s) TV.
By James Hunt

10 TV Shows That Were Doomed From The Start

Grapes that should have withered on the vine, been picked and then thrown into a well with a lion.…
By Jack Morrell

10 Episodes That Turned Good TV Shows Into Classics

Not every classic TV show had the best start - but these episodes cemented them as classics.
By Matthew Lowry

8 TV Characters Who Would Have Been Fired In Real Life

Don't let the door hit you on the way out of my television.
By Jacob Trowbridge
+ Film

Every MCU 2018 Project Ranked By Anticipation

From small screen adventures to a colossal big screen event, what's ahead for 2018?
By Geoff Cox

Black Mirror Season 4: Every Episode Ranked From Worst To Best

The feel-bad show of 2017.
By Jack Pooley

17 Most Paused TV Moments Of 2017

The good, the weird and the truly WTF.
By Jack Pooley

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017: What ‘Twice Upon A Time’ Really Means

All the major talking points from Peter Capaldi's final Doctor Who Adventure.
By Paul Driscoll
+ Film

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Every 2017 Project Ranked Worst To Best

Three movies. Six shows. Which one shined the brightest in 2017?
By Geoff Cox

10 Once-Lovable TV Characters Who Became Completely Repulsive

What the hell HAPPENED to you?
By Jacob Trowbridge