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Warner Bros.

10 Most Powerful (Fictional) Women Of 2015

Forget Forbes, this is the list that matters.

30 May 2015 Freddie Rochez

Warner TV

8 Reasons Gotham's Second Season Could Fail Miserably

What real life obstacles might this Batman prequel face going forward?

30 May 2015 Justin Moores

Relativity Media

10 Best Movies Starring Doctor Who Actors

Unmissable roles for your favourite sci-fi stars.

29 May 2015 Dan Butler


16 Things You Didn't Know About Orange Is The New Black

Eggplants, Christmas videos, and a Star Trek captain?

29 May 2015 Caitlin Irwin


Game Of Thrones Preview: What To Expect From S5E8 Hardhome

It's going to be a wild(ling) ride.

29 May 2015 James Hunt


Game Of Thrones Theories: 10 Epic Season 5 Moments Still To Come

Death, rebirth and the arrival of Winter?

29 May 2015 Simon Gallagher


10 Most Memorable Doctor Who Pre-Title Sequences

Those that nailed the entrance.

29 May 2015 Graham Piro


Game Of Thrones: 5 Changes To The Books In 'The Gift'

Everything's the same, but different.

29 May 2015 James Hunt


Preacher TV Series: Everything You Need To Know

Thank absent God, Arse-Face will be appearing!

29 May 2015 Tom Baker

Bad Robot

10 Classic TV Characters Who Weren't Added Until Later Seasons

Better late than never.

29 May 2015 Brendan Morrow

WWE Planning Stardust Feud With Arrow's Stephen Amell

A TV superhero could feud with WWE's bizarre Stardust.

28 May 2015 John Canton

The CW

The Flash: 10 Major Predictions For Season 2

Harder, better, faster, stronger...

28 May 2015 James Hunt

Game Of Thrones Star Training For WWE Wrestling Match

A WrestleMania angle in the works?

28 May 2015 Grahame Herbert


True Detective Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Time is still a flat circle...

28 May 2015 James Hunt


Doctor Who: 10 Reasons Clara Oswald Is The Best Companion Ever

She was born to save the Doctor, after all.

28 May 2015 Dan Butler


7 Abandoned Game Of Thrones Plotlines

7 Kingdoms, 7 Hells, 7 plot strands HBO seems to have forgotten about.

27 May 2015 Mark Cassidy


10 Things You Didn't Know About Sophie Turner

Sansa Stark has both a non-traumatic life away from Westeros, AND a direwolf.

27 May 2015 Michael Potts

The CW

Arrow: 9 Mistakes It Must Avoid In Season 4

Time to stop shipping Olicity?

27 May 2015 James Hunt


11 Questions All Fans Of Bates Motel Are Asking

Who knew Charlie Bucket would grow up into one badass creeper?

27 May 2015 Sara Weir

Sky Arts

5 Doctor Who Actors Who Have Directed Their Own Movies

They're not just stars in front of the camera, you know.

27 May 2015 Dan Butler