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Seth Rollins Gives Jon Stewart Replica WWE Title

The WWE Champ showed on The Daily Show one more time.

31 Jul 2015 John Canton


13 Badass Doctor Who Moments That Made Us All Cheer

Come on, look at him! No plan, no backup, no weapons worth a damn

31 Jul 2015 Jon Garcia


Move Over Marvel - Netflix Are Making A Star Wars TV Series

Three, in fact.

31 Jul 2015 Alex Leadbeater


Game Of Thrones: 12 Biggest Cult Heroes

Hodor. Hodor! Hodor?

31 Jul 2015 Michael Potts

10 Buffy Moments That Hit You Hard

For a "teen drama" it had some very painful, adult moments.

30 Jul 2015 Jay Anderson


The Walking Dead Season 6: 5 New Characters You Need To Know

Say hello to the fresh meat for season 6.

30 Jul 2015 James Hunt


Game Of Thrones: 25 Easter Eggs, In-Jokes And References You Need To See

The Holy Grail of TV shows.

30 Jul 2015 James Hunt


Ranking Seth MacFarlane's Properties From Worst To Best

So, which American idiot is best?

30 Jul 2015 Simon Gallagher


10 Reasons The Walking Dead Needs To End

Is it time to put the show down?

30 Jul 2015 Jay Anderson


Game Of Thrones: 10 Characters Who Need To Die In Season 6

Because f**k Olly.

29 Jul 2015 Sam Hill


10 Film And TV Characters That Racked Up Massive Body Counts

Killing in the name of... entertainment?

29 Jul 2015 Scott Campbell

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Gotham: 19 Easter Eggs, In-Jokes And References You Totally Missed

Who knew a Batman prequel had so many Batman references?

29 Jul 2015 Tom Baker


Arrow Season 4: 6 Villains You Need To Know About

Because a new hero needs some new asses to kick.

28 Jul 2015 James Hunt


Doctor Who: 10 Things Fans Want From Series 9 (But Won't Get)

As Series Nine of Doctor Who approaches some fans are once again set to be disappointed as their hopes for the show are dashed for another year at least.

28 Jul 2015 Paul Driscoll


13 Upcoming Netflix Original Shows To Be Excited About

Netflix continues it's quest for world domination, one social-life at a time.

28 Jul 2015 James Hunt


10 Greatest Ever Community "Concept" Episodes

We rank the best of the study groups' more unconventional escapades.

27 Jul 2015 Ewan Moore


Game Of Thrones: 18 Most Outrageous Moments So Far

Death, rape, death, weddings, death, and dragons. Oh and also death.

27 Jul 2015 James Hunt


20 Doctor Who Actors Who Appeared in Sherlock

The crossover has already happened.

27 Jul 2015 Christian Bone


Doctor Who: What Your Favourite Companion Says About You

You can tell a lot about a person by which companion they like best...

27 Jul 2015 Mikey Heinrich


20 Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice In American Horror Story

Did you know this man killed the 1986 Boston Red Sox?

27 Jul 2015 Tom Baker