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Game Of Thrones Vs. Lord of The Rings: 12 Epic Deathmatches We Want To See

Dragons vs. The Nazgul, Lady of Light vs. Lord of Light, Sean Bean vs. Sean Bean.

3 Jul 2015 Michael Potts


10 Ways That iZombie Is Basically Veronica Mars

It's definitely not a bad thing.

3 Jul 2015 Laura Hurley


10 Greatest Episodes Of The Twilight Zone

You're traveling through another dimension...

3 Jul 2015 Brendan Morrow


Game Of Thrones: 12 Greatest Anti-Heroes In Westeros

Not all heroes are good people, and not every villain is evil.

3 Jul 2015 Michael Potts


20 Greatest TV Villains Ever

Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.

2 Jul 2015 Audrey Fox


Game Of Thrones: 10 Actors With Off-Screen Music Careers

There's music in the madness.

2 Jul 2015 Michael Potts


Agents Of SHIELD: 10 Questions For Season 3

Will FitzSimmons ever get to go on that date?

2 Jul 2015 James Hunt


10 Craziest Fan Theories About Futurama

We are through the looking glass, people.

2 Jul 2015 Scott Fried


Scream: 12 WTF Moments From The TV Season Premiere

Welcome to Lakewood.

2 Jul 2015 Brendan Morrow


12 TV Shows That Were Cancelled Way Too Soon

Why do bad things happen to good TV shows?

2 Jul 2015 James Hunt


10 Doctor Who Storylines That Were Suddenly Abandoned

Remember the eight other Doctors?

2 Jul 2015 Baz Greenland


Game Of Thrones: 10 Things We Already Know About Season 6

Ferocious Greyjoys, huge flashbacks, and the return of some old friends.

1 Jul 2015 Brandon Jacobs


10 Problems With The X-Files Revival Nobody Wants To Admit

The truth is still out there, but it won't be easy to find

1 Jul 2015 Jay Anderson


Game Of Thrones: 12 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed In Season 5

All men must self-reference.

1 Jul 2015 Simon Gallagher

10 Most Shocking Moments Of True Detective Season 2 Episode 2

Spoilers within, including that huge one at the end...

30 Jun 2015 Jack G King


16 Rare Emilia Clarke Images You Need To See

Daenerys Targaryen like you've never seen her before.

30 Jun 2015 Michael Potts


10 Great TV Shows That Lost It By The End

They promised us the moon, and then showed us their asses on the way out.

29 Jun 2015 Ben Cooke


Game Of Thrones: 10 Moments That Prove Stannis Was The Mannis

He refused to be a page in someone else's history book.

29 Jun 2015 James Hunt


Doctor Who: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Everybody's Favourite Episodes

You know they're a bit pants really.

28 Jun 2015 Mike Morgan


The X-Files: 10 Things Every Fan Needs To Know About The New Episodes

I want to believe... this series will be good.

27 Jun 2015 Mike Morgan