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Football Manager 2020: 10 Signings You Must Make Every Time

Check out the most important purchases you'll make on this year's game...
By Aundre Jacobs

10 Best Video Games Of 2019 You Haven't Played

A serial killer cop drama with martial arts action. What's not to love?
By Scott Tailford

How Rockstar Should Make Bully 2

Just how do we tackle a sequel to Rockstar's glorious schoolyard classic?
By Joe Johnston

20 Best Video Games Of The Decade

Let's do this.
By Scott Tailford

9 Wrestling Gimmicks Ripped Off From Video Games

Omega 1200.
By Benjamin Richardson

Football Manager 2020: 10 Incredible Bargains Who're Guaranteed To Improve Your Squad

We help you outfox the transfer market with these brilliant, yet cheap signings!
By Aundre Jacobs

Fallout 5 Wishlist: 8 Biggest Changes That MUST Happen

War may never change, but Fallout needs to.
By Greg Hicks

10 Insane Video Game Details You Definitely Missed

Red Dead 2 is the gift that keeps on giving.
By Jack Pooley

12 Awesome Video Games With One Awful Mechanic

Because no game's perfect.
By Jack Pooley

WWE 2K20: 5 Things Patch 1.03 Fixed (And 9 It Didn't)

How to make WCW Backstage Assault look good in 14 more infuriating steps...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Video Games That Contradict Their Own Message

"I don't want to be a killer," says the man who just ran over like, 50 people.
By John Tibbetts

14 Worst Video Games Of 2019

Assassin's Creed: Unity is no longer the buggiest game of the generation.
By Scott Tailford

Every December 2019 Video Game - Ranked By Anticipation

Can Master Chief and co. warm up this cold month of game releases?
By Thor Magnusson

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Ranking Every Gym Leader

The fabled 18 didn’t arrive, but the ones we got were still pretty great.
By Stacey Henley

10 Times Publishers Sabotaged Their Own Video Games

What, do EA have a grudge against Respawn or something?
By Ewan Paterson

10 Times Rockstar Almost Made You Stop Playing GTA

The world's biggest gaming franchise had some notable growing pains.
By Scott Tailford

10 Ways Video Games Blew Your Mind (Without You Even Realising)

Celebrating the little things.
By Joe Johnston

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Every Confirmed & Leaked Detail We Know

We're (almost) living in a Materia world once more.
By Benjamin Richardson

Dragon Age Inquisition: 16 Weird Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Cheese wheels, Decepticons, Mean Girls and.... Scrooge McDuck?!
By Motzie Dapul

8 Most Notorious Video Game Cash Grabs This Decade

There are seemingly no limits to morality when it comes to hard-earned cash.
By Michael Leopold Weber

10 Obvious Video Game Sequels The Industry Is Ignoring

Bully 2 would be an excuse for Rockstar to print money.
By Josh Brown

10 Video Game Characters Who Appeared Sooner Than You Think

These gaming icons made premature debuts.
By Jack Pooley

10 Terrible Boss Fights That Almost Ruined Video Games

Bad enough to make you rage quit.
By Jack Pooley

Fallout: New Vegas: How Well Do Remember Your Time In The Mojave? Community

The Wasteland is bursting with detail. Let's see how carefully you paid attention...
By Marcellus Huisamen Submit Your Content

Terminator Resistance Review

Doesn't look like anyone will be back after this.
By Ben-Roy Turner

10 Video Game Heroes With Surprisingly High Bodycounts

When the heroes kill more than the villains.
By Greg Hicks

Jedi Fallen Order: 10 Star Wars Games EA MUST Make Next

If they want to win back the trust of Star Wars fans, do these.
By Jacob Simmons

PS5: 8 CONFIRMED Features We Already Know

Get ready to dig out your PS1 games.
By Jack Pooley

8 Infuriating Video Game Prank Callers

Dial M for Mischief.
By Jules Gill

10 Most Infuriatingly Awkward Video Game Levels Of All Time

How can something called 'Rainbow Road' be the embodiment of Hell itself?
By Scott Tailford