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Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Leak - Mr. Freeze, Ra's Al Ghul, Red Hood To Return

Can Rocksteady top that insane boss fight from Arkham City?

30 Jun 2015 Scott Tailford


Batman: Arkham Knight - 5 Perfect Moments (And 5 That Sucked)

...And one that's kinda both.

29 Jun 2015 Scott Tailford


20 Absolute Worst Video Game Spin-Offs Of All Time

Innovative. Original. TERRIBLE.

28 Jun 2015 Joe Pring


30 Things You Didn't Know About The Resident Evil Series

Ghosts, Disney tigers and a lying composer...

28 Jun 2015 Joe Pring


Batman: Arkham Knight - 10 Huge Problems Nobody Wants To Admit

The finale to the Arkham trilogy is by no means the best.

27 Jun 2015 Ewan Paterson


10 Greatest Uses Of Mythological Creatures In Gaming History

Is there anything more epic than Skyrim's dragon battles?

27 Jun 2015 Lee Price

10 Cruelest Things We All Did In Famous Video Games

Did they really need to be set on fire? Did they REALLY?

27 Jun 2015 Lee Price

Rocksteady/Microsoft/CD Projekt RED/NetherRealm

15 Best Video Games Of 2015 (So Far)

Now that Batman: Arkham Knight is out, can it take the top spot?

27 Jun 2015 Scott Tailford

EA Sports/PA

FIFA 16 Career Mode: 25 Wonderkids You Will Need To Sign

A fresh batch of the world's most exciting prospects.

26 Jun 2015 Michael Potts


14 Mind-Blowing Batman: Arkham Series Facts

You almost got something that would've resembled Batman: Guitar Hero.

26 Jun 2015 Scott Tailford

WWE 2K16: 10 Moments You Can't Recreate In Stone Cold Mode

You won't be able to face off against Savio Vega in a Caribbean Strap Match... Twice!

26 Jun 2015 Ross Tweddell


Batman: Arkham Knight - 15 Hidden Easter Eggs, References & Secrets You Need To Find

It's a total Bat-fan's paradise.

25 Jun 2015 Scott Tailford


Batman: Arkham Knight - Rocksteady Eyeing Superman As Next Project

Revealing Arkham Knight easter eggs point to a combined mythos.

25 Jun 2015 Scott Tailford

AI Lowe

10 Most Controversial Video Games Rated 'Adults Only' In America

It's not ALWAYS a porn game.

25 Jun 2015 David Bitterbaum


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 - 10 Reasons The Series Should Return To World War 2

Futuristic shooters are so 2014.

25 Jun 2015 Josh Brown


10 Video Games Endings That Left You Totally Speechless

The sound of silence.

24 Jun 2015 Sam Hill


FIFA 16: Who Should Be In The World XI?

Four changes to the official FIFPro World XI.

23 Jun 2015 Michael Potts


10 Most Memorable Side-Quests In RPG Game History

Why bother killing Ganondorf when you can look for heart pieces instead?

22 Jun 2015 Alexander Pan

Rocksteady Studios

Batman: Arkham Knight Reviews - 10 Early Critical Reactions You Need To See

Have Rocksteady actually done the impossible and capped off the series with the definitive take on the Dark Knight?

22 Jun 2015 Carlos Jimenez


GTA VI Rumours: 10 Biggest Speculations

A strong, well-written female protagonist from the UK you say?

22 Jun 2015 Jamie Kennedy