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Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate - 10 Crucial Things It Must Learn From Unity

How To Save A Franchise, 8th Edition.

29 May 2015 Scott Tailford

EA Sports

FIFA 16: 11 Most Challenging Teams To Play As On Career Mode

11 teams to push your skills to the limit on FIFA 16. Cue numerous rage quits.

29 May 2015 Angus Saul

EA Sports

FIFA 16: Every Women's Team Rated

Prepare to meet your new favourite players.

29 May 2015 Michael Potts


16 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Halo

Oh, you mean that Mac-exclusive third-person shooter?

28 May 2015 Scott Tailford


Batman: Arkham Knight New Trailers - Why Poison Ivy Is Helping Batman

Seems not everyone is loyal to Scarecrow after all.

28 May 2015 Scott Tailford


FIFA 16: 10 Ways To Improve Manager Mode

"When I go to the press conference, in my mind the game has already started." – Jose Mourinho

28 May 2015 Michael Park

EA Sports

FIFA 16: Women's Teams To Be Included

And the release date has been confirmed too.

28 May 2015 Michael Potts


10 Most Compelling Backstories Of GTA Characters

Lock up your daughters, shoot your sons, Love Fist are coming to town!

28 May 2015 Jamie Kennedy

Tony Gutierrez/AP

Madden 16: 10 Overrated Players Who Need Downgrading

Three of the greatest players in the league need bringing down a level.

28 May 2015 Michael Potts


12 Problems With Reality Only People Who Are Addicted To Sims 4 Will Understand

So, you wanna go to my place and... "Woohoo"?

28 May 2015 M.L Gabriel

2K Sports

NBA 2K16: 7 Game Modes It Must Include

2K16's game modes could benefit from a little innovation - and the return of a few old favourites.

28 May 2015 Jack G King


10 Archetypes That Built Gaming

Lone heroes, despicable villains, wise old men... everyone you have to thank.

28 May 2015 Matthew Highton


WWE 2K16 Roster Leaked On Wikipedia

Do you believe this is the real deal?

27 May 2015 Grahame Herbert

Irrational Games

10 Cheapest Plot Twists In Gaming History

Sometimes the real bad guys are the developers themselves.

27 May 2015 Alexander Pan


WWE 2K16: 14 Moments Stone Cold Steve Austin Mode Must Include

You're beating Savio Vega...TWICE.

27 May 2015 Marcus K. Dowling

CD Projekt RED

The Witcher 3: 12 Crucial Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Died from fall damage? You won't anymore.

26 May 2015 Scott Tailford


Bloodborne: 10 Legitimate Complaints Fans Can't Ignore

Many peoples' Game of the Year for 2015 is far from perfect.

26 May 2015 Ed B Quinn

Naughty Dog

10 Most Psychotic Gaming Heroes You Should Be Creeped Out By

Erm... shouldn't we be trying to stop these guys?!

26 May 2015 Lee Hazell


Team Fortress 2: 15 Stupidest Additions So Far

£67 for a virtual wedding ring. Erm... what?!

26 May 2015 Ed B Quinn


Batman: Arkham Knight - 10 Perfect Ways To Kill Batman

Bruce Wayne's days as Gotham's protector are numbered.

26 May 2015 Ewan Paterson