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WWE 2K20: 10 Most Over-Rated Roster Members

Zelina's better than Sasha!?
By Jack Pooley

Tomb Raider: Ranking Every Game From Worst To Best Community

The series might be 23 years old, but it’s far from ancient history.
By Justin Avery Smith Submit Your Content

Battlefield 6: 9 Settings DICE Should Use

Conflict in Korea? Fighting in France? Shootouts in Space?
By Sam Matthews

7 Worrying Signs That WWE 2K20 Will Be A Carbon Copy Of 2K19

Don't be surprised if 2K20 is just 2K19 with a fake moustache and a pair of oversized glasses.
By Callum Williams

Sasha Banks Upset With WWE 2K20 Rating?

'The Boss' isn't best pleased with her score in the upcoming WWE game.
By Andrew Murray

Only A Diehard Pokémon Fan Will Be Able To Identify 100% Of These Species

Do you know your Pikachu from your Panpour? Your Bulbasaur from your Bunnelby?
By Andrew Pollard

10 Co-Op Video Games That Created More Enemies Than Friends

Keep your friends close... so you can punch them in the arm.
By Matthew Byrd

10 Massive Video Game Spoilers The Internet Totally Ruined

When did it become a thing to spoil everything for everyone?!
By Ewan Paterson

10 Famous Video Game Rivalries With A Clear Winner

Flawless victory.
By George Foster

10 Video Game Twists We Never Saw Coming

A selection of mind-benders that really twisted our melons.
By Liam Lambert

10 Video Game Buttons You Shouldn't Have Pressed (But Totally Did)

What, are you NOT going to push the big red button??
By Jules Gill

8 Game Designers Who Hated Their Own Creations

Super Mario Bros. 3: One of the best games ever - or an embarrassment?
By Benjamin Richardson

9 Video Game Secrets That Were Hiding In Plain Sight

Not so good with the old Spider-Sense there, Peter.
By Scott Tailford

GRID (2019) - Review

Is Codemasters' latest reboot worth playing?
By Ewan Paterson

10 Ways Sony Could Ruin The PS5

Is Sony repeating the PS3's mistakes all over again?
By Josh Brown

WWE 2K20: 10 Biggest Roster Omissions

Champions, Legends, NXT stars and more are missing from 2K's latest...
By Jamie Kennedy

Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Mind-Blowing Secrets & Theories You Need To Know

The REAL Undead Nightmare is... the reincarnation of Arthur Morgan?!
By Stacey Henley

Injustice 3: 10 More Characters NetherRealm Must Include

Did you seriously think we were done with suggestions?
By Fergal Harte

WWE 2K20: Full Roster Revealed

Over 115 superstars have been announced for the latest game.
By Benjamin Richardson

14 Best SNES Games You Might Have Missed

The little grey beast had more to it than Mario and Zelda.
By Greg Hicks

10 Famous Video Game Franchises That Haven't Made Anything Good In Years

There's flogging a dead horse, and then there's what these have become...
By Josh Brown

10 Pokémon Inspired By Real-World Mythological Creatures

Gotta define 'em all.
By Hannah Gregg

8 Video Game "Mistakes" That Were Totally Intentional - Commenter Edition

And you thought devs were just being lazy.
By Danny Meegan

PS5: 13 CONFIRMED Details Sony Has Just Revealed

A release date, new hardware, mystery games and MORE!
By Josh Brown

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - 10 Gameplay Details The Trailers Haven't Shown You

The Force runs deeper than you think.
By George Foster

10 Promising 2020 Video Games You Must Consider

The games that will help define 2020.
By Stacey Henley

WWE 2K20 MyCareer Trailer Released

"You're here looking for Bret Hart, eh?"
By Jamie Kennedy

AEW Game Will Be Like N64's No Mercy

Cody: "It is the game people have been asking for."
By Benjamin Richardson

10 Most Wanted Characters For Playstation All-Stars 2

Guess they can't call it 'Battle Royale' this time...
By Alexander Greensmith

The Last Of Us 2: 10 Things Fans DON'T Want To See

Making Ellie gay only to kill off her girlfriend minutes later. F*&%king classy, Naughty Dog.
By John Tibbetts