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fifa 17 leicester city

FIFA 17 Wishlist: 10 Things That Must Be Included

They're not in the game... but should be!
By Ross Tweddell
Overwatch tracer

Overwatch: 10 Crucial Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Blizzard's latest masterpiece is much more than a pretty face.
By Scott Tailford
mortal kombat 9 hard

10 Insanely Hard Xbox Achievements You'll Never Unlock

Could you play a game for 14 hours straight without dying?
By Brandon Jacobs
legend of zelda ocarina of time arwing

8 Video Games That Reward You For Breaking Them

Thought you'd seen everything Ocarina of Time had to offer?
By Brian Wilson
overwatch hanzo

9 Reasons Overwatch Is The Most Exciting Gaming Franchise In Decades

We've needed something like this for quite some time.
By Scott Tailford
fallout 3 malcolm mcdowell

10 Best Celebrity Appearances In Video Games You Totally Missed

We always knew the A.I. President in Fallout 3 was hard to trust...
By Kevin McCasland
Ornstein and smough fan theory

8 Utterly Mind-Blowing Dark Souls Trilogy Fan Theories

Praise the speculation!
By Brian Wilson
Fruit Ninja

Who The Hell Wants A Fruit Ninja Movie?

Sales don't make everything right.
By Simon Gallagher

WWE 2K17: 10 Leading Contenders For A DLC Showcase

Showcase modes that are worth paying more money for...
By Ross Tweddell
ninja gaiden murai

9 Video Game First Boss Battles That Totally Broke You

The first hurdle isn't meant to be THIS painful, is it?
By Scott Tailford
doom 2016

DOOM: 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do

Sick of seeing the same Glory Kills over and over? You won't be for long.
By Scott Tailford
wrestling video game firsts

10 Landmark Wrestling Video Game Firsts

Wrestling trivia time: 'Create-a-Wrestler' debuted in which game?
By Jamie Kennedy
Bioshock infinite ending

19 Most Mind-Blowing Video Game Plot Twists Since 2000

"Who is Desmond?!"
By Scott Tailford
Uncharted 4 Crates

Uncharted 4: 11 Things We Hated

Crates. Crates everywhere.
By Jack Pooley
addictive video games

10 Clever Ways Developers Make You Addicted To Video Games

Ever get the feeling it's YOU who's being played?
By Matthew Byrd
Snorlax Y/Y

20 Severely Underrated Pokémon That Deserve A Second Chance

They're so much more than just spots on Bill's PC.
By Gareth Cartwright
greatest final video game boss fights

10 Greatest Final Boss Fights In Video Game History

Saving the best for last.
By Matthew Byrd
doom 2016 easter eggs

DOOM: 17 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References You Must Find

From Fallout to Quake, Bethesda and iD Software are one hell of a team.
By Scott Tailford
bad video game endings

10 Video Games That Didn’t Know When To End

"You could face the final boss, but first you must gather EIGHT more items..."
By Brandon Jacobs
Pokemon sun and moon wishlist

Pokémon Sun & Moon: 10 Forgotten Features That Must Return

The Pokétch, another Battle Frontier, changing seasons and much more.
By Gareth Cartwright
Half Life Resident Evil 6 Metroid Portal

14 Insane E3 2016 Announcements That Would Shock The World

Come on Valve, it's about damn time.
By Jack Pooley
super mario pokemon

10 Awesome Super Mario Fan Theories You Had No Idea Existed

Ever wonder why Yoshi can only say his own name?
By Richard John Dorricott
Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4: 9 Annoying Things That Stop It Being Perfect

Someone has to say it...
By Scott Tailford
doom 4

5 Ways DOOM Is The Perfect First-Person Shooter

id have hit a home run with the reprise of their 'ultra-violent nightmare'...
By id Software
Marty Jannetty Crossed Out

10 WWE Superstars Who Never Made It Into A WWE Video Game

Even the pixelated versions of these superstars were undervalued.
By Jacob Trowbridge
doom quake easter egg

Does This DOOM Easter Egg Mean A New Quake Game Is Coming?

Wolfenstein, DOOM... it's only natural, right?
By Scott Tailford
l.a. noire metacritic

10 Video Games That Don't Deserve Their High Metacritic Scores

Riding the hype train can be intoxicating.
By Scott Tailford
uncharted 4 drake

Uncharted 4: 20 Amazing Moments

Naughty Dog delivers another masterpiece.
By Jack Pooley

DOOM Reviews: 10 Early Reactions You Need To Know

With a lack of media coverage, we soak up what's left.
By Scott Tailford
star wars battlefront kylo ren

Star Wars Battlefront To Be Annual Franchise, Starting With Episode VII & VIII Content

That's EXACTLY how marketing works.
By Scott Tailford