10 Iconic Movie Cars It Would Suck To Actually Own

Cool? Yes. Practical? Definitely, definitely not.

Paddy Lambert


Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Productions

The car is an ingenious prop to have in a film: they have the ability to make or break an entire project; they make boys and girls the world over hanker for a slice of vehicular awesomeness, and when done right, they steal every show they’re in. And of course, they enable car manufacturers around the world to engage in huge publicity stunts.

But, what if we had to pay the insurance and take our spouses out shopping or the kids to their next really expensive and pointless after school club?

The simple fact is that the most iconic movie cars probably wouldn’t be the best things to own in real life: the more flames and guns and all manner of awesome gadgets these cars have, the more of a pain they would be to drive. If we owned them in real life – and not the Hollywood world of explosions where people survive or where you always get the girl by punching a Russian in the face – and if we had to own them and drive them everyday, the reality would be far from good.

For the purpose of this piece we are going to suspend disbelief to an extent, and look at some infamous cars from the movies – with all of their contextual traits and personalities- and plant them in the real world of road tax,  MPG’s and in a world where the hot fuzz drive Hyundai’s and not cool V8 muscle cars.

Some of the more obvious choices have been excluded, such as the DeLorean from Back To The Future, which in reality has no hope of reaching 88mph whilst you’re still alive to see it, and the Batmobile because you won’t get out of your bat cave without the Highways Agency stopping you immediately, and the government wondering why you’re driving what basically amounts to a weapon of mass destruction.