10 Amazing Comic Book Characters That Narrowly Missed Appearing In Movies

You won't believe who got cut at the last second.

DC Comics

For a comic book fan, it’s hard to complain about characters not getting their due on film. Hundreds of beloved heroes and villains have found their way to the big screen and seemingly every major player from both DC and Marvel has either gotten a chance or is about to. There are still, however, a few unlucky characters who have struggled to find their way into the cinematic landscape, despite coming very close.

Regardless of the characters' prominence in the comics, in some cases, a long-gestating film in development is responsible for them not appearing. Alternatively, some characters had prominent roles in movies that did get made, only for their parts to be axed from the script or replaced by another character.

While there’s often a justifiable reason for their exclusion and failure to make it on screen, it still sucks that such amazing characters have come so close only to fall short when it counted. There’s not a ton of instances like this, so when it happens, it reminds you that not every single comic book character is destined for cinematic greatness.

Looking at the importance of some of these characters, it’s still a little hard to fathom how they haven’t been included in a film already. Some still might get that chance, but for now, they represent some of DC and Marvel’s biggest missed opportunities.

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