10 Awesome Temporary Power Upgrades Received By Comic Book Characters

Even the most powerful of superheroes need charging sometimes...

Ion Kyle Most comic book characters are pretty powerful by default (aside from the obvious street-levellers) - they boast powers ranging from flight and super-strength, to telepathy and telekinesis, and from invisibility and intangibility to regenerative healing factors and super-durability - but every now and again some of them experience temporary power upgrades. These upgrades can range from subtle to hefty and can be acquired aggressively, through heroic endeavours or through sheer luck - and the only things they have in common is that they don't tend to last any longer than one story arc and they make the the characters in question more dangerous and/or powerful than they have ever been before. Of course, this kind of thing has happened on hundreds, if not thousands, of occasions throughout comic book history - but some of these instances certainly stand out that little bit more than the others. In this article, we will be taking a look at a mere ten of the most memorable instances in which characters (some popular, some not so much) received a power boost and went on to use them either for good and protective purposes or for evil and destructive purposes. Here are ten absolutely awesome temporary power upgrades that have been received by comic book characters throughout comic book history...
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