10 Batman Sidekicks Everyone Forgets

Separating the Bluebirds from the Robins.

DC Comics

If you know who Batman is, chances are, you also know his sidekick Robin, even if you're not really sure who that is. The pair are almost inextricably intertwined - especially for fans on specific corners of the internet - because really, Batman is at his best when he has some kind of sidekick or partner to bounce off and brood to.

But not all of Batman's sidekicks are Robin, although that's easy to forget with the sheer amount of adopted wards who have taken on that role, because they are all admittedly incredibly good characters.

Though the flock of Robins will always be most important to Batman because they're a huge part of his personal life, there's plenty of other caped crusaders that have fought and been trained under the Dark Knight's big goth wing - and they're all the more interesting for their relative obscurity.

With everyone from villains to dogs having teamed up with our favourite superhero, it's well worth looking at all the assorted cast that he's worked with over the years, and where they're all at now.


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