10 Best Comic Book Moments Of 2017

The Bat-Cat partnership in full force? You're right.

Batman 24 Catwoman
DC Comics

2017, more than recent years, has had its fair share of memorable comic book moments. DC, Marvel, Image and more continued to bring their A-game, which not only made the task of ranking the year's best hits an arduous one, but also - as is today's topic - its greatest moments.

It was a year of life and death, proposals and break-ups, returns and departures and much, much more. As a collective, readers have had their hearts ripped out, melted and launched into the stratosphere by writers largely unafraid to take risks, telling stories defined more-so by their characters, than by the convoluted machinations of some hair-brained evildoer.

Indeed, character-driven stories have dominated the medium this year, giving fans moments to dread, embrace, love and hate, with most involving the industry's most popular heroes too.

It was a year where the Big Two certainly weren't afraid to take risks, and while the year might impart a divisive impression amongst its readers, there's no denying that 2017 was an exciting one for comics.

SPOILERS ahead, obvs.

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