10 Best Comic First Issues This Week (Dec 12, 2018)

The best new #1s released this week!

DC Comics

Wednesday for normal people is hump day, but for comic fans it is New Comic Book Day, when the sky splits open and out pours the nerdy mana for people to discuss, debate and generally have a good time reading - at least in theory.

This week, there have been a ton of specials, anthologies and experimental releases that really create a wide range of titles, both in terms of the Big Two and the indie scene!

These are the 10 best first comic issues released in the week of December 12, 2018!

10. Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1

Marvel Comics

With Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse now in theatres, there was very little doubt that a new Miles Morales-led book would be launched - and it isn't bad.

As the cover says, this is a new direction for the character. It is not bad by any stretch, but is it good? The character of Miles has changed a bit to try and make him more hip to the socially-minded youths rather than how he had been written as a character prior, even seeming to be artistically aged up to look more like a young college kid more than a high schooler. That isn't a bad thing necessarily but it also means that there's a lack of really explaining who Miles is outside of now-standard generalized points.

The plot isn't bad either, although it is only in the second half of the book when there's more of a plot than just explanations of who Miles is. Spidey has a decent fight with Rhino, mistaking him as the ringleader of a crime in progress before the shocking twist (for anyone who reads this, yes that is a terrible pun).

Overall the altered version of Miles is not bad and a very well-written shift in who the character is to take the character in a new direction for the first solo outing not penned by Brian Michael Bendis.


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