10 Best Comics Of 2016

The comics you should have been reading last year. 

DC Comics

2016 was a major year in comics. We lost some prominent talents like Darwyn Cooke and Steve Dillon, but also saw some new creatives explode on the scene like Tom King and Ta-Nehisi Coates. DC Rebirth and Marvel NOW! had both of the Big Two try to redefine themselves, and the number of creator-owned books is still on the rise.

Throughout the year, some amazing comics hit the shelves. More than a few of the comics that came out this year will be career defining stories that will have a lasting impact. Some of the best comics this year were long running series, while some only came into being within the past year.

Since there are a huge number of comics out , it's not always easy to find the best the industry has to offer.

Narrowing down this 10 was no easy task...

10. The Comic Book History Of Comics


The Comic Book History of Comics is only 2 issues in, but is an absolute must read. The series takes readers through the long and complicated history of comics, going all the way back to Famous Funnies. For comic fans or history buffs, this series is perfect.

This is the kind of comic that needs to have a creative team that is completely in sync with each other. Written by Fred Van Lente and illustrated by Ryan Dunlavey, they deliver a book unlike anything else out on the shelves. The comic is dense, trying to cover around 100 years of information in 6 issues. Despite a ton of text, it's a very digestible version of history and still manages to leave plenty of room for the art.

This is the kind of series you really look forward to reading each new issue. It makes you want to see how your favorite information will be handled, while learning something new at the same time.

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