10 Best Fight Scenes In Comic Book Movies

9. Spider-Man - Spider-Man Vs. Green Goblin

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This is the kind of scene they just don't make anymore. Comic book movies have gotten considerably less campy, and while for the most part that's a good thing (no one wants to see Ben Affleck doing the Batusi), we do miss out on pantomime moments like this.

After a colourful, cartoonish rampage earlier in the movie (equipped with grenades that turn people into skeletons), the Goblin’s final fight with Spidey is much darker. In a shadowy, slow motion sequence, Green Goblin pummels Spider-Man with blow after blow, only relenting when Spider-Man breaks free and yanks an old wall down on top of him.

The acting is hammy as hell in the closing monologue, but if you’re watching the old Spider-Man movies these days that’s what you’re looking forward too. Marvel is quip a minute now, but it still takes itself more seriously than it did in the early ‘00s.

It all ends when Goblin is impaled on his own board after Spider-Man backflips over it. This kind of scene has no place in the MCU these days, but it’s etched into comic book movie legacy forever.

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