10 Best Marvel/DC Crossovers You Won't Believe Exist

Creating the best team-ups in comics since 1976.

DC/Marvel Comics

Hearing the phrase 'Marvel/DC Crossover' in the present day seems more than a little weird.

It’s rare now that the two companies do a crossover with their big name superheroes – their having come in 2003. While this is understandable – both now have practically infinite comic series to work on as well as mammoth film industries – it’s kind of sad that the era of DC and Marvel making comics together seems to be over.

Although both companies have done crossovers with other franchises and characters, there was something special about seeing the two flagship comic companies come together – largely because they created some genuinely fantastic stuff. It’s the sort of thing you’d imagine day dreaming as a kid – or as a very honest adult – and so seeing it on paper seemed nothing short of a miracle.

Among colossal crossovers, crossovers between the perfect characters, and crossovers that were just too plain crazy to ignore, here is scientific proof the Big Two should start working together again.

10. Iron Lantern

Amalgam Comics

Although perhaps more a combination than a crossover, seeing Tony Stark and Hal Jordan combined into one character is nothing short of fascinating. The comic works by combining equivalent characters together – like both Tony and Hal’s love interests, for example – which is unique in creating characters that we know, but that also are new and exciting.

The whole comic is interesting - firstly in seeing how the Iron Man and Green Lantern mythos has been carefully joined together, and also because the plot itself is an absolute wild ride. Both superheroes have some weird and wonderful aspects, and combining them does make for some incredibly strange reading (although again, it somehow manages to feel more charming than alienating).

There are a whole heap of comics that combine Marvel and DC characters together, but none of them seem to work quite as well as Iron Lantern - likely because none of the others contain a shark being jet-packed off into space.


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