10 Characters Who Have Defeated Apocalypse

10. Cable (Nathan Summers)

Marvel Comics

Considered to be Apocalypse's nemesis, Cable is the antihero who often clashes against The First Mutant and so it's no surprise he's bested him once before.

When he was a child, Cable was kidnapped by Apocalypse because the mutant sensed him as a potential future threat and decided instead that the boy would make a suitable host body at a given time.

However, Cyclops and Jean Grey thwarted Apocalypse and rescued Cable, but not in time to stop the mutant villain from infecting the boy with a virus. In order to survive, the boy was sent to the future where he would be raised to become a time-traveling badass.

In this storyline, Cable is tracking down Cyclops with Jean Grey's assistance after the X-Men leader saved Nate Grey from becoming a host to Apocalypse by taking Nate's place.

The roaming leader is eventually tracked and a final confrontation takes place between the three where Cyclops is trying to subdue Apocalypse's influence while Cable tries to take advantage of the window and finish off Apocalypse.

Despite Cyclops's best efforts to sacrifice himself, Jean Grey manages to use her power to split apart Apocalypse and Cyclops, allowing Cable to finish off the weakened original mutant without having to do in his father as well.


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