10 Comic Book TV Shows Cancelled Before Their Time

Why did Netflix have to go and cancel all those Marvel shows?

These days, it seems you can't turn on the television, check out a streaming site, or visit a movie theater without stumbling into something inspired by comic books.

With so much content out there, it's not surprising a series or two has met an unnatural end at the hands of television executives. Over the years, this has happened to more than a few comic book-based television series, but some were cancelled way before their time.

Whether it was due to low ratings or the network's dislike of the property, some comic book shows failed to reach their natural conclusion in a satisfying way, only to get the cancellation hammer slammed down upon them to add further insult to injury.

There have been many prematurely cancelled comic book TV shows over the years, but these 10 are the ones that hurt the most. Just when they were building an audience and gaining traction, the networks swooped in and cut them - never to be seen or heard from ever again.

10. Birds Of Prey (2002)

Warner Bros.

Birds of Prey was a television series developed for The WB in 2002. The series only aired for one season consisting of 13 episodes and never achieved a wide enough audience for the network to latch onto it.

This was during a time-period when The WB (Now The CW) was still building up its audience and unlike the DC series on the network today, this one failed to launch.

The series' premiere episode pulled in a whopping 7.6 million viewers in the targeted 18-34-year-old demographic, but those numbers dropped significantly within only a few weeks. Birds of Prey was only loosely based on the comics that inspired it, but it featured most of who you would expect: Barbara Gordon (Oracle), Helena Kyle (Huntress), and Dinah Redmond, a telepath who was the daughter of Dinah Lance, the Black Canary.

The series starred Ashely Scott, Dina Meyer, and Rachel Skarsten and featured characters prominent in the Batman Universe, but never made its mark. It has since become a cult favorite, but the characters may again see the light of a movie screen. DC is set to release Birds of Prey as a film in 2020, though that property will be based more on the comics than this series.


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