10 Comic Book Villains Who Became Heroes

10. Plastic Man

DC Comics

As a staple member of the Justice League, and an all-around friendly seeming guy, it’s surreal to know that Plastic Man started out his comic book career as a bad guy.

However, that’s exactly how his life starts out, as Patrick O’Brian and his gang attempt to rob a chemical plant, only for him to be covered in an unusual acid that results in him gaining his elastic superpowers.

The writers were clearly aware of the well-travelled line they were going down with this back story, as it quickly goes off the rail, namely because the thing that convinces O’Brian to become Plastic Man is a team of monks who rescue him after the acid causes him to faint.

Exactly how these monks managed to find him in what appears to be the middle of nowhere isn’t answered, but they do refuse to let the police have O’Brian - which would have been super awkward if he had left still intending to do crimes.


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